Read what Nanci's students are saying

“Nanci is a very gifted teacher and healer. Her classes are packed with students wanting to be in her presence, feel the powerful support and energy of her yoga classes and to just feel better. Her work with prenatal yoga is match but none in this area. Moms return again and again as Nanci’s class is the perfect compliment to an expecting mother’s journey.”  ~ Michelle, yoga instructor


“Nanci is by far my favorite yoga instructor. Gentle in both her approach and instruction, she was the first to light the path for me to experience yoga as the life ‘practice’ that it has now become for me.”  ~ Ric


“Nanci is an excellent instructor who is willing to work with all levels of experience, without making anyone feel incapable. Her classes combine stretching, workout, relaxation, and a bit of the spiritual, all set to a musical background. Nanci makes yoga approachable for all.”  ~ Scott


“Nanci inspires, nurtures and educates while teaching yoga. She has been a force of good in my life.”  ~ Christina


“Nanci’s Whole Birth yoga classes and the connections I made there have been the god-send of my pregnancy, helping me as a new mom.” ~ Jane


“Not a day goes by that without thinking of Nanci and thanking her for the knowledge and wisdom she shared week to week in our Whole Birth yoga classes.  The friendships I made in those sessions have become like family to me.  It is a time in my life I will never forget!”  ~ Anna


“Nanci teaches all the aspects of yoga practice: poses, breathing, and listening to the voice inside me.  She encourages each student to do what is best for them in their personal practice and to lead healthier lives on and off the mat…while making it fun and interesting!”  ~ Debbie


“Nanci would gently remind us to relax everything and exhale during prenatal yoga which helped me so much during labor and delivery, and continues to help me now as a new mom.”  ~ Amy


“I want to thank Nanci for keeping my in shape and sane throughout my pregnancy and my son’s birth.”  ~ Elena


“Nanci is an excellent, knowledgeable and compassionate yoga instructor. I always feel safe in her classes while in a pose.  My body is stronger and able to move easier as my aches are subsiding,  I’m more relaxed, and my blood pressure is lower since practicing yoga.  In the beginning I practiced twice a week; now I practice three times a week because I feel so good afterward!”  ~ Barbara


“Nanci takes the time to listen her students at the start of each class to tailor the day’s practice to their specific needs.  I appreciate that!”  ~ Sally


“Nanci is an exceptional instructor, and her classes have made a wonderful, positive world of difference in my life!”  ~ MaryAlice


“Nanci is inspirational as a yoga instructor!  Her prenatal and mommy/baby yoga classes were fun and invigorating, during times when I really needed it.”  The topics of discussion in class taught me so much.”  Marjorie, pediatrician


“Nanci has helped me through three pregnancies and beyond!  Not only through her wonderful prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, but her knowledge and genuine appreciation for her students makes her an invaluable resource.  Her style of yoga involves a holistic approach, taking into account everything going on in a person’s life to help them achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit.”  ~ Jessica


“Nanci is a fantastic teacher.  With her warm and welcoming way, she guides us through class.  Since I began her classes I feel stronger, calmer, and even lost weight.   I wish I had discovered it earlier in my life: I am now a senior, but feeling young,  Yoga classes with Nanci are the best thing that happened to my workout schedule.  I truly love it!” ~ Angie


“Nanci’s gift for teaching is one of acceptance and humor.  She has a way of making you feel special and missed when you are away.  The therapeutic class always leaves me in a much better frame of mind and body.”  ~ Tamara


“Nanci keeps us coming back to yoga.  I love her teaching method, her soft voice, as she encourages us to not look at others, to listen to our own bodies, and to not be concerned about how our poses look in the mirror.  She is so grounded and concerned about each of us.  The most valuable thing I have learned from Nanci is the simple act of breathing.  Her class grounds me, makes me feel relaxed, flexible and just wonderful.  Having worked every part of my body, I feel tingly after class.  It’s all good.”  ~ Angie


“Nanci’s therapeutic classes are great and tailored for each participant’s special needs.  That makes the difference.”  ~ Ed


“Nanci takes a personal interest in her students health and well being, and I appreciate that about her.”  ~ Marcia


“Nanci is the best!  She’s knowledgeable, adaptive, encouraging, funny, and the only Gentle Yoga teacher I’ve experienced who truly emphasizes the breathing.”  ~ Nancy, retired nurse


“I truly believe my birthing experience would have been completely different if I had not attended prenatal yoga with Nanci.  During my classes with her, I learned breathing and coping techniques that I feel absolutely made my birthing experience the best and as calm as possible.  I would highly recommend her to every mom-to-be out there!” ~ Kelly


“My first class with Nanci was a homecoming to my own body.  Her gentle way of leading us through poses with her always-encouraging tone of voice gave me confidence.  It was just what I needed to reconnect to my long-neglected muscles, joints and bones.  At the end of  that first class, I had feelings of both exhilaration and relaxation.   All these years later, I still get to that place in Nanci’s classes.  She has brought to me a respect and a love for yoga through her caring, her enthusiasm, her sense of humor, and, above all, her commitment. ~ Karen


“Learning yoga from Nanci has made a big difference in my life.   I’m more relaxed and focused  in everything I do.   I consider myself very fortunate to be in her classes.” ~  Edith